Sweep, sweep, sweep..          Kay Kay is always sweeping!


Volunteer Opportunities away from Adoption Center

We'll match the volunteer work to your skills...

  • Help transport animals to adoption events or to other locations in the state for adoption.
  • Help show off the animals at adoption events.
  • Sell merchandise at adoption events/festivals.
  • Email animal photos to the newspaper.
  • Foster animals needing extra love and attention or as they heal for medical reasons.
  • Foster animals for two weeks before they are transported to the Homeward Bound program.
  • Foster, foster, foster - can't say enough about how we need temporary foster homes.
  • Clerical work - lots of paperwork involved in running a shelter.
  • Help at fund-raisers!!!!!!!!!!!! (especially the Celebrity Dinner)
  • ​Sell sponsorships for fund-raisers (especially the Celebrity Dinner)

Love animals?

They love you too...become a BARL member!

A commitment to the vision of helping homeless animals and reducing the unwanted pet population is the 

cornerstone of what BARL members want.  By becoming a member, you can join ranks and participate in 

activities designed to further that goal.


Business Membership - $30                Family Membership - $25

Individual Membership - $15               Student Membership - $10

Lifetime Membership - $125



A benefit of being a BARL member is the camaraderie that you get from the networking with other members.  This is something that BARL continuously tries to encourage at every opportunity.  By this networking, members can bring forth new ideas and/or problems they may be having with pets in their area and ways to solve them.



Please join today, and ask your family and friends to join, too.  Together we can make a difference in our communities.


Volunteer Form

including information for students

needing service hours...

Volunteers setting up Silent Auction at Celebrity Dinner.

We need you!

Volunteer to help the animals...


Contact BARL at 601-757-4367 or info@barl.net for information about how you can help!

Our animals need some Helping Hands at the Adoption Center. What can you do to help? Do you have a few hours? An extra day off? If so, here are some opportunities to help your fellow canine and/or feline:

  • Laundry - (Yes, animals have laundry too – bedding, towels, toys, etc.)
  • Dishes - (Non-breakable! Food Bowls, Water Buckets, etc.)
  • Kennel Cleaning - (You get to use a Squeegee!!)
  • General Cleaning - (Office, Restroom, Hallway, etc.)
  • Feeding - (No cooking necessary)
  • Frolicking - (Brushing, playing, walking, bathing the animals)​
  • The animals look forward to seeing you​!

Brookhaven Animal Rescue League