THANK YOU Petfinder Foundation!

BARL has been awarded a youth humane education grant from the Petfinder Foundation, made possible by Build a Bear Workshop and the Build a Bear Workshop Foundation.  BARL will use the grant to furnish Kind News magazines for 2nd and 3rd graders in Copiah, Franklin and Lincoln counties. 

Kind News is aligned with national teaching standards and the magazine will be delivered to the classrooms five times during the school year. 

In addition, BARL will be purchasing approved books that have

some type of animal theme for the school libraries. 

We appreciate the Petfinder Foundation

in making a difference in our community.


The thought is to ask many to do a little,
so a few don’t have to do so much.

 Please add BARL to your monthly giving.  The amount?  Ten dollars ($10).

BARL is asking that you basically give up one of your monthly visits to your

favorite fast food place. Take that money and push it BARL’s way via

this auto-draft model (see auto-draft form link).

By completing the auto-draft form and returning it to BARL,

you will help us pay for medical care to help the animals. 

Doesn’t that seem to be a much better use for your money

than the #6 Combo from your local Wendy’s?

Of course, we would love for your auto-draft to be even more than $10.  :)

If you have any questions concerning this type of giving,

please email us at or call

BARL president, Lu Becker, at 601-754-2000.

What's going on...

Discount spay/neuter

Dogs and Cats...

Residents of Copiah, Franklin and Lincoln Counties who are on a government assistance program can have their dog or cat spayed/neutered at a discounted rate.  $40 off female spay and $25 off male neuter.  Contact one of the following veterinarians to make your appointment today:

  • Animal Health Center - 601-833-7788
  • Animal Medical Center - 601-833-0589
  • Brookhaven Animal Hospital - 601-833-1223
  • Copiah Animal Hospital - 601-892-4607
  • Larkin Veterinary Clinic - 601-384-8555

Brookhaven Animal Rescue League