Cats – 390
Dogs – 228
TOTAL - 618

Cats – 4
Dogs – 14
TOTAL - 18

Died in care:
Cats – 12
Dogs – 11
TOTAL – 23

Dogs – 349

Live Outcome / All Outcomes = 96%

What's going on...

Discount spay/neuter

Dogs and Cats...

Residents of Copiah, Franklin and Lincoln Counties who are on a government assistance program can have their dog or cat spayed/neutered at a discounted rate.  $40 off female spay and $25 off male neuter.  Contact one of the following veterinarians to make your appointment today:

  • Animal Health Center - 601-833-7788
  • Animal Medical Center - 601-833-0589
  • Brookhaven Animal Hospital - 601-833-1223
  • Copiah Animal Hospital - 601-892-4607
  • Larkin Veterinary Clinic - 601-384-8555

Brookhaven Animal Rescue League

The thought is to ask many to do a little,
so a few don’t have to do so much.

 Please add BARL to your monthly giving.  The amount?  Ten dollars ($10).

BARL is asking that you basically give up one of your monthly visits to your

favorite fast food place. Take that money and push it BARL’s way via

this auto-draft model (see auto-draft form link).

By completing the auto-draft form and returning it to BARL,

you will help us pay for medical care to help the animals. 

Doesn’t that seem to be a much better use for your money

than the #6 Combo from your local Wendy’s?

Of course, we would love for your auto-draft to be even more than $10.  :)

If you have any questions concerning this type of giving,

please email us at info@barl.net or call

BARL president, Lu Becker, at 601-754-2000.