We adopted Hank back in December from BARL. We wanted to let y'all know he was doing great, and is still just as much of a lap baby now as he was when he was there. kiki emoticon He's such a sweetheart. 

Sweet Hector is loving his new bed!  We are so happy we have him now! Thank you BARL!

Victor loves his little boy.  

He stayed by his side all night one night when his little boy had fever.  

Think Kitty Bum is happy

in new home?   :)

And they all lived happily ever after...

Brookhaven Animal Rescue League

Best Happy Ending EVER....

Achilles (dog in back) came to us with scars from what looked like hot liquid.  He waited patiently for his home.  And along came a wonderful man who had previously adopted one of our sweet babies who was doing very well.  The man has lots of land to take the babies to play on.  This sweet man decided Achilles needed to go home with him.  :)  

A few months later Prosper came to us and was adopted.  His owner soon returned him, after Prosper had been hit by a car.  He said he didn't want a "damaged dog."  We had to have Prosper's front left leg amputated.  Prosper then patiently waited for his home.  People loved him, but no one took him.  Finally, the wonderful man who adopted Achilles, decided Prosper needed to

join the pack.  

Don't these two fellas in the photo look like strong country dogs.  We are so happy!!! 

Bates is loving life.