Brookhaven Animal Rescue League

Liz from Mississippi BLOSSOM's in New York!!!

We want to share with you a little news about our girl, Blossom.

She came to Briarcliff, NY SPCA as “Liz". My partner, a musician,

re-named her Blossom, after the James Taylor song… and because

he’s seen how shelter dogs really do blossom when they get comfortable

in their new homes.  

Blossom is the fastest dog I’ve known! She runs like a greyhound and

cuts and turns on a dime. She also leaps like a gazelle… truly impressive!

Noel waited a long time for a home...

She stayed with BARL for quite awhile.  Many people weren't

interested in adopting her because her nose was less than perfect.

Of course, we thought she was beautiful inside and out.  BARL

volunteer, Roger, spent a lot of time with Noel and he is pictured 

here giving Noel a good-bye hug.  (Noel also had a guardian angel

from Texas.  We send a special thank you to her.)  

A wonderful family finally made a perfectchoice in giving the girl

with a less-than-perfect nose, a chance at a home.

The photo to the far right shows Noel graduated to sleeping in her

parent's bed.  :)    

Sweet Girl Amya

A young girl named Amya found a dog on the side of the road that was missing part of its leg.  A local veterinarian had to amputate the leg, and the dog was named "Amya" after the girl who saved her life. Many people donated money to help pay for Amya's care.  

A wonderful family adopted the three-legged dog from BARL and

all are doing great.

TD in his new home.  :)

Home may be far, far away...

Liesel finds a family in New York

BARL participates in Homeward Bound which is a

transport program created and run by veterinarian

students at Mississippi State University.  

We submit photos and info of BARL animals to

Homeward Bound volunteers who send the info

to their receiving shelters in New York and other

locations.  Sometimes we are fortunate to have

dogs selected by these receiving shelters and

our sweet pups go on a trip to the North in an

area where they have more opportunities to

find homes.  

Liesel had been with us awhile, and we were

so pleased she was chosen as a Homeward

Bound dog.  She wasn't at her new shelter

very long at all, when she heard the words

all shelter animals love to hear, "We'll take her."  

And they all lived happily ever after...

The Waiting was Worth It...

Dopey found a home

Dopey had several litter mates who were

all adopted before him.  He was such a sweetheart,

we never understood why people passed him by.  

Finally a family with a baby made the perfect

choice and adopted Dopey and took him to their 

loving home.  The little boy, Dopey's best friend,

is growing quickly and loves his dog.

And they all lived happily ever after...