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The Brookhaven Animal Rescue League was established in 1981 and is a nonprofit, limited-admission, volunteer-based animal welfare group.

Brookhaven Animal Rescue League



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Dog Days of Summer Kids Camp 

Mon-Fri, July 21-25


-$75 registration fee includes camp T-shirt

-Register today!!!!

​-Contact Camp Director for more details samanthasivils@gmail.com

-More info below or click on registration form:

If you can't adopt, foster.  If you can’t foster, donate.  If you can’t donate, volunteer.  If you can’t volunteer, educate.


Want to help the animals?

Your donations keep us going...

BARL is a 501 (c)3 charity and all donations are tax-deductible.  We do not receive any government funding and depend on donations from the public, businesses, grants and our numerous fund-raising efforts.  Please give.

Just within the last six years, we've found homes for 2,617 dogs & cats and we're still going strong.  Adopt!!

During the same time period, we spayed/neutered another 1,827 dogs and cats in our area 

through BARL's Community Spay/Neuter Program!

What does the dog say?

Dog Days of Summer Camp 2014


This year's camp theme is "What Does the Dog Say?"  

We will spend our week learning how to understand

what dog's are communicating with us by reading their

body language and how we can better train our dogs to

understand us using our body language.  

We will have several guest speakers and                                                                                demonstrations from agility dogs, search                                                                                                   and rescue dogs, International K9 training,                                                                                                 and more!  

On Friday we will have a fun filled family day

including a dog show and camper favorite 

Percy King and his exotic animals!  

Camp will be held Monday-Friday,

July 21-25 from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

at the Brookhaven City Park.  

It's sure to be a fun and educational week.  For more information, email samanthasivils@gmail.com .

Never, Ever...

Leave your pet in the car!

They will die of heat stroke within a matter of minutes!

Also don't walk your dogs on hot concrete or asphalt.  It will burn and rip their paw pads.

Join the BARL Family

Please help us help them...

It takes a lot of volunteers to keep BARL going.  We need your help and if you can't help will you send someone in your place?

Can you help clean at the Adoption Center?  Or walk the dogs or play with the cats?  Can you help at adoption events?  Can you pack ink jet cartridges to recycle for cash for the animals?  Can you work at fund-raisers or ask businesses to sponsor fund-raisers?  

There are MANY, MANY duties that we need help with at the Adoption Center.  There are also MANY, MANY duties you can help with away from the Adoption Center.

With your assistance, animals get a SECOND CHANCE, and people find new companions. 

For more information email our Volunteer Coordinator, Jayne Wells, at 1loves2rescue@gmail.com.

Meet Traveler

He's been with us

awhile and just

hasn't been picked

for a home...

please give him

a chance...

At two years old, he's mature and laid back, though is still very interested in new sights, sounds and experiences.

He only weighs 33 lbs which is a great size for an inside dog, and he is so smart he should house-train easily.

This tri-colored good looking guy, LOVES toys.  

Can you teach him to fetch?  He has great focus

on his person and is extremely smart so is

probably a natural fetcher. 

He has fun playing with the other dogs

in his play group and never meets a stranger.

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