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The Brookhaven Animal Rescue League was established in 1981 and is a nonprofit, limited-admission, volunteer-based animal welfare group.

Brookhaven Animal Rescue League



Discount Spay and Neuter Information can be found under the News tab.  Click the button below...


If you can't adopt, foster.  If you can’t foster, donate.  If you can’t donate, volunteer.  If you can’t volunteer, educate.


Want to help the animals?

Your donations keep us going...

BARL is a 501 (c)3 charity and all donations are tax-deductible.  We do not receive any government funding and depend on donations from the public, businesses, grants and our numerous fund-raising efforts.  Please give.

Just within the last six years, we've found homes for 2,617 dogs & cats and we're still going strong.  Adopt!!

During the same time period, we spayed/neutered another 1,827 dogs and cats in our area through BARL's Community Spay/Neuter Program!

Cat's Meow...

Rummage Sale - Big Success

Thanks to everyone who came out to our sale!  It was a big success and all the money will be used for the homeless animals.  Thanks also to our hard working volunteers. 


Yummy to their tummy...

Puppy Chow always needed at BARL

BARL is so fortunate in that we get

the majority of our pet food donated.  

Every once in a while we have to

purchase food; however, it is not often.  

The only exception is

Purina Puppy Chow,

which we do have to purchase

because we just don't get enough

of this particular food donated.  

We feed our BARL babies Purina Puppy Chow to keep them healthy.  Feeding them a consistent diet keeps their delicate tummies from being upset and provides them with the good nutrition puppies need.

We encourage anyone who uses Purina to cut out the weight circle on the side of the food bag and send them in to BARL.  We are able to turn these weight circles in to Purina to receive $7 checks we can use to help in our purchase of puppy food.

Please mail the Purina Weight Circles to BARL, P.O. Box 3477, Brookhaven, MS  39603.

Thanks in advance for helping our homeless puppies.

Barkfest was a blast...

People, dogs and even some Transformers had a good day

Perfect weather and the MSA campus provided a beautiful setting for BarkFest 2014.

Humble and Grateful

A perfect description for Copperfield...

This Treeing Walker

Coonhound was found

abandoned in the country 

living in a cramped pen.  He

was severely anemic,

underweight and dehydrated.  

A good samaritan saved him

just in time.  Now he's doing

well after having excellent 

vet care, nutrition and love.  

He's now ready to be

someone's special pet. 

He'll love you to the end

of his days.